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What We Do

Full Service Podcast Developer. Caters to businesses and non-profits. Skilled in creating, designing, producing, and launching podcasts across multiple platforms. Create web design. Establish marketing strategy. Develop brand. Define content goals. Edit audio, video, and images. Set up RSS audio feeds. Automate content posts. Grow audience and subscribers through online communities. Provide subscribers multiple tiers and access to exclusive content. Post livestreams, links, polls, text, and pdfs. Create a Google Analytics ID to generate traffic data reports.

Virtual Learning and Remote Video Producer. Partner with virtual host or team lead to manage livestream productions. Serve as virtual co-host and producer. Ensure quality protocols and set up for attendees and speakers. Provide streamlined edited content for use after meetings, webinars, conferences, and classes. Enhance audio and video content for virtual playback presentations. 

Virtual Learning Instructor. Specialized courses for those interested in all facets of digital production. Classes include Introduction to Podcasting, How to Create Your Own Podcast, Audio and Video Editing, and Using a Podcast to Grow Your Business. Curriculum details the historical arc of the industry, best practices for launching a podcast to an audience, basic editing techniques, and how digital content can increase customer engagement.

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